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I am Iswarya Sridharan, a Mom, a Software Engineer and a Photographer. I currently live in Redmond, Washington in the United States. I hail from the southern part of India that is rich in culture and ancient traditions. I grew up visiting temples, churches and mosques built over a thousand years ago. Thanks to my family, my childhood vacations always involved visiting these architectural marvels. My dad froze every single moment during those trips in his Kodak KB20 film camera. Growing up, I never understood my dad’s  relentless passion towards preserving the family’s moments on a film until I became a mom.

I have archived every “first” of my daughter and every time I revisit the pictures, my eyes gleam with pride. I have had my hands on different styles of photography ranging from landscapes, art, portraits but nothing excites me more than sharing the joy with a family when I capture their perfect moment. Without a doubt these beautiful memories will be cherished beyond a single lifetime.


As a photographer I’ve developed a style for myself which is a true reflection of my sincere belief. I believe a picture comes to life when it preserves the raw emotions of the subject along with the fidelity of the surroundings. I strive to bring out the innocence of a child and the togetherness of a family as intrinsically as possibly in most of my photos. I wish to play a small part in helping families and individuals build a lifetime of memories.

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